Estimate First

After we check the stereo, we will provide estimate of parts and labor first. Should you wish to proceed we will complete the repair and inform you to pick up. The minimum charge will be credited to the total repair cost and the balance will be charged when you pick up the unit.

Go-ahead Amount

To improve the efficiency, we have a go-ahead amount for each product category. If the repair cost is less than this amount, we will go ahead without contacting you. If the repair cost is more than this amount, we will call you first. The go-ahead amount is not a flat rate. We will charge the actual repair cost but not the go-ahead amount. It is more to speed up the repair process thus to save time for both sides.

Things Needed with the Unit

When you bring in the unit for service, please also bring necessary accessories, e.g. remote control unit, system cables, power cord, etc. If the unit was under warranty, please also bring the original copy of the bill of sale. A valid bill of sale should show the store name, date of purchase and the model number of the unit.

In-home Services

We provide in-home service for TV repairs and sound system installation checks. The service call charge is $60 in the city or $90 out of town. The labor rate to check installation is $50 per hour. The minimum charge is one hour labor. If you don't have time during the day, we can arrange evening or weekend house calls. There is no extra charge for evening or weekend house calls. If you require in-home service, please contact us to make an appointment.

Drop-off Vehicles

If you are dropping off the vehicle to repair car stereo problems, please call us first to make appointment. Some car stereo problems can be diagnosed and repaired on the bench. Others have to be done in the vehicle. If you are not sure, please contact us first to determine.

Unclaimed Units

Pursuant to the Possessory Liens Act of Alberta, goods left unclaimed for 30 days or more will be subject to storage charges and may be disposed of without notice after 180 days (6 months).

Written Warranty on All Repairs

Written warranty is printed on the bottom of each repair invoices. Limited Warranty: This warranty only covers those parts which we replaced. We do not warranty the parts in other portions of the unit. The warranty period is 90 days for parts and 30 days for labor from the date the unit is picked up. Future service on portions of the unit, other then those repaired by us, will be charged for at our regular rates.

Ship-in Repairs

Out-of-town customers can ship the units in for service. When you ship the unit, please use the original box with its fitting foams. If you use a custom box, please pack the unit carefully to avoid shipping damage.

Please note for in-warranty services, the units must be shipped-in in its complete original package, otherwise a handling fee will apply.

Here are some tips for safe shipping using custom boxes:

  1. Choose a box that is large enough to have sufficient room surround the unit.
  2. Put more cushions underneath and surround the unit.
  3. Protect the front panel or face plate.

Please enclose a detailed description of the symptoms/faults, as well as your complete contact information, i.e. full name, mailing address, and phone numbers. Please also include necessary accessories with the unit, e.g. remote control, system connecting cables, power cord, hide-away unit, etc. If the unit was under warranty, please also enclose the original copy of the bill of sale. A valid bill of sale should show the store name, date of purchase and the model number of the unit.

After we receive the unit, we will check it and call you to provide repair estimate first. We will ship the unit back to you when the repair is done. We accept payment by credit card (VISA, M/C, AMEX) over the phone. If you have a shipping account we can put collect, please inform us beforehand, or we will use Canada Post Expedited Parcel.

Labor Rates

The labor rate, minimum charge and go-ahead amount for each product category are summarized in the following table.


Category Labor Rate (Hourly) Go-ahead Amount Minimum Charge
Home/Car Stereos $50 $95 $25
Receivers/Amplifiers $50 $125 $30
Car DVD/Navigation $60 $175 $50
Factory Car Stereos $90 $180 $60
TVs $90 $200 $90
Professional Audios $60 $180 $50

Guide of Services

Minimum Charge

If you have a stereo need to be repaired, please bring it in. Normally we have to check it before we can estimate. We charge a minimum charge up front. It’s for the technician to diagnose the problem and goes towards the total repair amount later on.