Pioneer Receiver Repairs in Edmonton Repair Pioneer and Pioneer Elite audio video receivers of all models.

Nuance Speaker Subwoofer Repairs

We repair Nuance speakers, subwoofers, and the plate amplifiers in Edmonton. Services provided include repairing amplifiers, replacing woofers, tweeters. We repair Nuance N-100, N-200, N-300, N-500, S-100 amplifiers, N-200 BASH amplifier, N-300 BASH amplifier. We repair Nuance BABY 3-DB, etc. speakers and Nuance Spatial SUB, etc. subwoofers.

Common problems of Nuance speakers or subwoofers are no sound, no power, no bass, blowing fuses, rattling sound, low sound, etc.

If you need to repair your Nuance speaker, please bring it in. Normally we have to check it before we can estimate. If you need to repair your Nuance speaker subwoofer amplifier, you can take it out and just bring in the plate amplifier. Normally you just need to unplug the speaker wires from the amplifier board. There is no need to cut any wires or cables to remove the plate amplifier.

Please see Subwoofer Repairs and GUIDE for more information.

Nuance Speaker Subwoofer Repairs in Edmonton