Pioneer Receiver Repairs in Edmonton Repair Pioneer and Pioneer Elite audio video receivers of all models.

Sansui Amplifier Repairs

We repair and recondition Sansui amplifiers in Edmonton. Services provided include diagnosis, repair, soldering, cleaning, calibration, reconditioning, etc. We repair Sansui amplifier AU-5500, AU-6900, AU-7700, AU-7900, AU-9900, G-9700, G-7700, AU-D607, QRX-2000, 9090DB, C-1000, B2101 and all other models.

We also repair and recondition Sansui home stereos in Edmonton. We repair Sansui stereo receivers, mini stereos, record players, tuners, cassette decks, CD players, etc.

If you need to repair your Sansui stereo, please bring it in. Normally we have to check the stereo before we can estimate. Please see Guide for more information.

Sansui Amplifier Repairs in Edmonton