Pioneer Receiver Repairs in Edmonton Repair Pioneer and Pioneer Elite audio video receivers of all models.

Subwoofer Repairs in Edmonton

Subwoofer Repairs

We repair home subwoofers and subwoofer amplifiers in Edmonton. Services provided include subwoofer amplifier repairs, subwoofer replacement, crossover repairs, etc. We repair subwoofers of KEF, Infinity, JBL, Nuance, Harman Kardon, SONY, Paradigm, Sinclaire, Precision Auquistic, Energy, JVC, YAMAHA, Nuance, Mission, Polkaudio, Boston, Onkyo, PSB, Velodyne, Klipsch, Dahlquis, Prolinear, Summit and many other makes.

Common problems of subwoofers are no sound, no power, blowing fuses, rattling sound, low sound, etc. If you need to repair your subwoofer, please bring it in. We need to check it before we can estimate. Please see GUIDE for more information.

Subwoofer Amplifier Repairs

We repair and recondition subwoofer amplifiers in Edmonton. You can remove the amplifier plate module and bring it in to repair instead of the whole speaker cabinet. You can remove the plate by first removing the outer most surrounding screws, then pull out the module a little to gain access to the cables and wires at the back of the module, disconnect all the wires from the splices and remove the module completely. You should not have to cut any wire or cable to disconnect the module. If you have difficulty to remove the module, please bring in the whole subwoofer.